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Family is the cornerstone of society ’ a statement which for centuries has indicated that the family is the foundation of society. The concept of family was based o n biblical principles: husband wife children, grandparents parents brothers sisters and served as a safe base for to be yourself, with a space to share love and sadness with each other, to provide support and mutual care.

The traditional family structure has progressively been eliminated from Western society. A great diversity of family forms and experiences has replaced it, which has led to new societal forms through the generations.

The (biblical) model of God and the purpose of the male-female relationship increasingly conforms to social positions, and God’s principles are often labeled as out of date and out of fashion. And yet, the prescriptions of the Creator of man for each relationship are always a sound and secure framework, and, if we keep it, we will also receive its blessings and fruits. Marriage is part of God’s creative order, it is his original plan (Genesis 2:24).

Marriage is described as a mystery (Ephesians 5: 22-33), a picture of something much greater: the love between Christ and the Church. The Messiah receives a body, a bride, a partner, and this is manifested in the marriagecovenant.For God, the family was and is always meant to be a secure base for the development and the formation of the identity of each of its members, and it is closely linked to his position in the family. When this basic security is lost, it undermines the self-image of the child for it’s entire life.

A broken family becomes an unstable place with a lot of emotional pain and confusion. The consequences are significant, especially for the abandoned partner and the children: single mothers are among the most fragile groups in our society. It seems that children of divorced parents live in worse conditions than their peers on average (eg more poverty). Research in Belgium has shown that children under 18 at the time of their parents’ divorce are 45% less likely to have a higher education qualification. About 30 to 40% of children become.

Pray Points:

• May believers be filled with the vision of God’s rich plan for marriage and families, children and relationships.
• May bad thoughts and bad patterns (of a worldview based on relationships) be erased and replaced with God’s vision, so that believers no longer lower their standards to those of the world.
• May only the principles of God determine the vision of the family, and may the plan of God be visible in the churches of Jesus Christ and in society.
• For the protection of marriages and Christian families. Let them shine like stars in the night.
• For a clear, honest, open and healthy education on this subject in our churches and schools.
• May our young Christians, the new generation, be strong and courageous about this, make the right choices, not shy away from it.
• May Christians and churches actively reach out to vulnerable families, without judgment, but in love… May these broken people feel warmly welcomed into our congregations.
• Pray for Christian organizations or initiatives working in this area.
• For prophetic voices on this “mountain”: people in authority who defend healthy values.
• For policy makers, ministers who legally support a healthy view of marriage and the family.
• May the media and culture see more positive voices emerging and show good examples as a barrier to deterioration.