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    Fellow Christians all over the world
    Please JOIN US to pray for Nigeria

  • We want God to remove the wicked rulers.
  • Replace the wicked rulers with good leaders.
  • Restore peace in Nigeria.
  • End Terrorism and restore good security in Nigeria.
  • Wake up Christians to rise up and Pray.
  • Restore our economic situations to save the common man.
  • Remove Greed among the church leaders.
  • Convert the hearts of those persecuting Christians
  • Pray for free and fair Election coming 2023
  • God to grant Peter Obi of Labour Party to be the winner
  • Let God frustrate every evil plan against the election results
  • God protects Peter Obi and his team from evils
  • God give all the supporters courage to defend their votes
  • May God grant PVC access to all eligible voters


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